Saturday, February 11, 2017

Intex Fitrist Fitness band review

I recently got this fitness band from Intex to verify the tall claims made by them.
Here is a short review.

This band works on bluetooth and needs to be set up with personal data like height, weight, step stride, etc. on the Fitrist app, available on Google Play and Apple store.

Steps: Does give a fair idea about the number of steps and calories burned throughout the day, provided you feed in the personal data accurately.

Sleep monitoring: I was especially skeptical about the reliability of this data. To my surprise, the quality of sleep is measured more or less accurately, with an estimate of number of hours of deep sleep. 

Other features: Music and camera control do work well, but might not be used frequently. You also get SMS, Whatsapp and call alerts when connected to phone via bluetooth. There is also a find-your-phone feature which again, works only when your phone is within the range. Lost phone feature activates the vibration on the band when the phone loses connection with the band. This might be irritating at times when there are frequent disconnections.
Battery life: 2-3 days, which was disappointing as they claim it to be 10 days on 2 hours of charging.

Overall, quite satisfied with the product. Do recommend this for individuals who have difficult time sleeping and want to monitor the progress in quality of sleep and/or want to set and meet specific fitness goals. The higher version also supports heart rate monitoring and hydration.

Rating: 3/5. 
I hope this review will help you decide whether to go for this fitness band or not. Do post your questions/comments/experience regarding this band and/or other fitness bands. Have a great time at the workout sessions and at bed! :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

This Side of Paradise 2

Stuck, need a push, not a blow.
Not a warm touch, but a strong push.
Doesn’t matter if I fall.
At least I will rise again and advance.
All I need is a strong push.
Don’t mind losing a limb, or two.
Vanish it, don’t just melt the glue.
You have the power, you have the push.
I am nowhere, take me somewhere.
Doesn’t matter if you walk with me for a second or two.
But a strong push is all I need.

Shake me up, stir me up, wake me up.
Light the fire in me.
Clean the dirt on me.
Doesn’t matter if it exhausts me.
But will never forget your push.
It will leave not a scar on my body, but on my mind, till I become earth.

I was deaf to you. You were too quiet, inaudible.
Now I am dying for your whisper.
Just give me a push, say I am with you.
Give me that deafening sound, your murmur.
Make me deaf to the negative commentary around.
Unearth me, give me feet. Distract me from what I dislike.
Take me to a new world. Give me a new beginning, restart me. 

Push me, away from what is bad for me, from what makes me jammed.
Divert me from what takes away my energy.
Take away my sight. Just give me a focus.
I am just a lake.
Decaying, perishing, unsafe, impure.
Push me, churn me, turn me into a river.
Show me the way, and I will make it to the sea. 

Undress me, burn my wounds and melt my scars.
Give me a baby’s skin. Let me think like a child.
Break the cage for me, happy feet is all I need, if not wings.

Resuscitate my mind; blind me to the false faiths.
To deceiving attires and muddy souls,
To plastic gadgets and rehearsed stale art.
There’s too much sand here, let us find a strong ground.
Where we can at least walk together, if not sprint.

P. S.: This work is purely fictional (This Side of Paradise).

(16th July 2011)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Fillers 2: Random one liners, T-shirt quotes, ice breakers, etc.

These are not main course items. These are fillers. There’s nothing serious about them. Each one is unique. Not related in any way to the previous one or the one succeeding.
Fillers 2. Enjoy!

  • She is not just a dream, she is COSMIC...
  • 100 people may say the same thing to you, but never mean it. I may say 100 things to you, but all mean just 1 thing...
  • Now I know why I study only few days before exams - my mom restricts her diet only before she goes for the reports!
  • Not a single day passes without thinking about you. Why this happens I have no clue!
    Its an unanswerable question. Its not just LOVE, but an incurable infection...
  • Fastest mode of transport - LOVE. It takes you from heaven to hell, and back in no time...
  • If you have tasted everything, you haven't tasted hunger.
  • Be patient. Your nerve connections will soon be established.
  • Main tujh se pyar toh karta hu. Parr mujh se, tujh se zyada!
  • Life may not be heaven without you. But it’s definitely not hell! I’m back on earth.
  • Woh wound hi kya jisme scar na ho,
    Woh barsaat hi kya jisme yaar na ho!
  • The only symptom that remains in mind after reading Materia Medica continuously - BRAIN FAG!
  • Duniya me koi aisi lady nahi hai jo gents ko samajh sake - Vicky Donor.
    Except mother! (Mother's Day)
  • It’s strange how sometimes we can get more angry on people we love the most, than our enemies!
  • The Indian financial year begins on a foolish note! Happy April Fool's day!
  • If some people truly believe in 'The Secret', how can they get their life insured?
  • If a good friend says you shouldn't trust anyone, it is very likely that he/she doesn't trust you in the first place...
  • It’s easier to spot singles on Valentine's day...
  • If time has no goal, why does it always sprint?
  • Recipe for GOSSIP - 2 distressed and helpless women...
  • The Indian cricket team needs much more than just 'SAHARA'. (Losing to Australia in Australia – 2011)
  • Frustration sets in when you don't have the answer for WHY. The people who lack the power of reasoning must be happiest...
  • Angrez aaye, angrezi sikha gaye. Par family planning kyu nahi?
  • Petrol price hike - One of Govt's strategies to minimize traffic woes! (Apart from other 'strategies', before the next elections near.)
  • Work for what you need to achieve. Invent a new game!
  • They can’t digest everything. They can’t run faster. They can’t hear pins dropping. They can’t see distant things. They can’t feel souls. No wonder humans are greedy...
 To be continued. Sooner or later!

-Dr. Priteesh Chotai
Consulting Homeopath and Dietician
+91 9833031575

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love, is hatred…

Without you, everything is nothing,
Earth has no green, nature has no zing,
Rivers come to a standstill and the sea doesn’t sing.
The day is night and the night so long…
Seconds are decades, days forlorn.
Trees are just wood, leaves brown.
The flowers have no fragrance, petals easily crumble.
Birds don’t chirp, animals aren’t loyal,
Children don’t play, humans aren’t humble.

Without you, the wind is vacuum and the air solid.
The sky is out of reach and clouds aren’t personified;
Every drop of rain is acidic;
Every lightening strikes like a stick.
There’s no anticipation when the bells ring,
Be it temple’s, phone’s or door’s.
There’s no help from ounces of beer,
Friends don’t seem to cheer,
There's nothing to be liked on Facebook,
No one else is a better hook.

Without you, music has no melody,
A blockbuster is only a documentary.
Sweets are so sour; there's no tang in the pani puri!
The brain is rudimentary,
Science is illogical, art eerie.
There’s no reasoning, no reverie.
Poetry is mathematics, mathematics poetry.

Without you, jewels are merely stones,
House is not a home.
Medicine seems to be killing, and the poison healing.
God is elusive and the devil all-pervading.
Water smokes and oxygen chokes,
Food makes me skinny, the heart skips a beat.
Lungs just seem to expire; there's no ground under my feet.
Blood boils, veins erupt and the arteries slowly leak.

Without you, beacon misguides, teacher teaches crime,
Brother has no charm, father has no arm,
Mother’s touch is no longer warm.
Without you, I am tattered, buried, bruised and jolted,
I am trapped, caught, caged and agitated.

Without you, I am just not me,
Anonymous, aloof, exposed yet hazy
I am venal, filthy, fictional and ghostly.
No religion is sacred, Humanity is betrayed.
Without you, Love, is hatred…

P.S.: This work is purely fictional.

- Dr. Priteesh S. Chotai
(21st January 2011)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sand at my feet...

He did not like to disappoint his subconscious. But it was a perfect paradise in disguise. He was fast asleep. The other night, it was at its best. One which every man would yearn for. A dream never seen before.

He would always sit in his bungalow and watch his plantations grow without any watering. Even if they did need some moisture, the clouds used to shiver and shower on his commands, whenever he wanted them to, wherever he wanted them to. The scarecrow would be continuously in motion through the farm to keep the crows at bay. The bullocks would plough the earth on their own. They had to sign the cheques too.

Then there were birds which used to seed the ploughed land, through the extremes of their food pipe. The sheepdog also gathered the wool. The harvest went straight to the kitchen and was not allowed to come out uncooked. Evenings were just great. Canines and felines were made to sing and horses had to do the percussion. Working out was effortless too. He just had to complete 2 push-ups and his muscles seemed all ready for an international competition. His lamp was running out of oil. But it dint bother him much. It would glow even without the oil.

For reading, he just had to flip through the pages of any book. He felt really knowledgeable after doing that. He had completed reading over 50000 books now and he could answer anything he was asked. He was almost a sage. But he never understood why people having different faiths have similar morphology. Why many carry hatred and deceit in them even though they are physically fit. Why people choose not to walk on sand. And why the grass always looks greener on the other side.

He dint have to run behind the chickens. They surrendered and stopped evading whenever he wanted some flesh. They also delivered him boiled and peppered eggs regularly. The grass always looked greener on the other side. He was green with envy when he saw that his neighbour’s farm looked greener. How could his plants grow faster, when he was the one who had worked harder? He ordered the red cow for some mango milk shake. He craved for some drink. He crushed some sugarcane and drew a few glasses of beer from them. The weed rolled itself into a paper. The maid unclogged the chimney.

He asked his mother’s subconscious to surrender to her, and ordered 50 kilograms of sleep for her. He ordered the undertaker to bury all the alarms.

Morning brought the sunshine. His door was being knocked melodiously. It was the cows. They had brought some milk for him. He was really tired of all this now, as he had worked really hard. But he just sat on his chair, watching his friend’s farm grow faster than his. He wanted to put in more effort. The city was calling him. He called up his teacher in college.

“Your journals and assignments are completed by me. I have also written a leave application for you and submitted it to the office. So what if it slipped out of your mind? The college is also offering you a scholarship for your constructive holidaying. It will set a great example for our students. Please accept it for the good.”

“Madam, you are saying this because the grass always looks greener on the other side. Ask me about it. Isn’t it looking greener to you on my side? I want to come back. Moreover, it is very difficult to walk on sand.”

Next day, huge flamingos fled him to his city.

The sound of the alarm was deafening. It always challenged his subconscious.

“Good morning beta!”

“Good morning Mom! Mom, why does the grass always look greener on the other side?”

She took a pause and answered with a grin on her face, as if she had seen everything what he had. “Because somebody wants you to take up the challenge and make yours look greener. Look at your alarm. Doesn’t it always take up the challenge against your subconscious?”

“Mom, where are my crutches?”

The time was sprinting, but he took up the challenge.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Planet of Apes

Independence: When a nation goes down, or a society perishes, one condition may always be found; they forgot where they came from. They lost sight of what had brought them along.
-Carl Sandburg

Once upon a time, when humans were still monkeys, there already existed a much powerful and highly evolved form of primates on The Jupiter. As the restless and sprinting time passed by, the humans evolved into what they are and the Apes on The Jupiter became more advanced and their technology and machinery more sophisticated. They pitied humans, and to a certain extent were a bit shameful, as their brothers were not able to cope with tremors, global warming, waves, volcanoes, wars, viruses, etc. They wondered whether there were any other forces involved in their evolution as self-limiting, self-destroying and selfish beings. Yet they wondered why they were called “The Social Homo Sapiens Sapiens”. After a series of unfortunate events, the Apes were desperately waiting for a good change to occur for their cousins. Finally, when everything seemed to go haywire, they decided to offer Humans a helping hand. But the Humans did nothing unusual by turning the opportunity down.

“We, as mammals, have a come a long way. We have evolved into the most intelligent beings on earth, and probably the Universe as well. Whatever we’ve been through was not able to destroy us, unlike other beings, which either eat their own fellows or are vulnerable to nothing but death, whenever they are in crisis. And thus, could no longer hope to establish as concrete a civilisation, as ours. Although we’ve seen times which let us down, we had that will, which helped us to rise above all situations. From conquering all creatures of the planet, to finding sound answers for potentially dangerous diseases, we have proved that no other life force can be as superior, as paramount, as omnipotent and as impeccable as The Human beings themselves. Our tame animals, lame creatures, from the smallest to the largest, silently and helplessly sacrifice themselves for the betterment of Humans and the Humanity.

Years after years, we’ve been successful in maximising the comforts in life, making this globe smaller and time is not too far, when we will conquer life itself. Knowledge so immense, so in-depth, so vast, from the smallest division of the matter to the largest solar bodies, which the Apes can only remotely dream of achieving. What really makes us strongest is the N-Power, which can destroy any…………………………………any extraterrestrial invasion.”

The Apes realising that the task ahead is an impracticable and impervious one to their efforts, only just cared to reply in a pessimistic and sarcastic way-

“Our dear brothers, we really admire your perseverance, dedication and intelligence, which makes you what you are. But what will the Mother Earth think when she is left with no option, except to accept the disastrous human creations on herself. And the already scarce land on her is further divided into pieces. Whom will she shower her blessings on, when her own children betray her in the name of religion? It seems when you get used to your daily chores, a feeling of boredom and depression creeps in. You tend to break away from your domain and act in an utterly undisciplined manner. Surprisingly the female counterparts invade shopping malls and other half of your species invades others’ homes. Some of them even go on to invade other countries.

Never did we experience the soothing air-conditioned rooms, nor the pleasurable and engrossing entertainment equipment, nor the exhilarating speed of fossil fuel operated vehicles, or the unexpected, unforeseen and such varied climatic changes, or the ever accumulating and immortal “plastic” gadgets, the penetrating affection of the almighty Sun, the affectionate warmth of The Mother Earth, just enough to melt the polar ice, the abundantly filled and over flowing seas, the stupefying and mesmerising perfume of industrialisation, the sooty fog on a tender morning, and the steadily flowing dark rivers. Never did we see a sweet, crumbled up little child, embracing The Jupiter, like we see on every other street on The Mother Earth. We never saw lakhs of innocent people losing their lives, because of few men in patriotic attire, but a treasonous and traitorous heart inside. And we definitely did not come across any species characterised by members who eat their own fellows.

We always believed that Humans exhibited ‘Humanity’, a quality that makes one and all feel good. But now we are compelled to accept ‘Humanity’ as a word with two meanings. One, which your present day species exhibit and the other, which exists in many of your holy books. The cranium that you possess is no doubt larger than us, but inside it seems so shallow. And now, we can already see your tailbone growing stronger again.”

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Fillers: Random one liners, T-shirt quotes, ice breakers, etc.

These are not main course items. These are fillers. Just like morning breakfast or the evening supper. A light meal for the mind. Like the vital warm-up before a intense exercise. Just like foreplay before your most memorable night! There’s nothing serious about them. They are just like that! Each one is unique. Not related in any way to the previous one or the one succeeding.
Please do not copy if you like them...
  • A girl with a good body but an unattractive face is like music with heavy percussion but no melody.
  • I am feeling drowsy, but I don’t want to sleep. Give me some shots of cocaine, talk to me!
  • I have many soft corners for you, you can touch a few!
  • I was never so keen to learn surface anatomy as much as I am now. Thanks to you.
  • You are looking so fine, that I am feeling underdressed.
  • What could be the distance between Earth and the Moon? So you don’t know! Cool! What else do we have in common?
  • Smoking smothers, Beer stinks, Drugs stick, Safe Sex rules!
  • I am God cursed, Devil blessed!
  • Once upon a time, I was lazy, and the times never changed. I suffer from Motivational Deficiency!
  • I have what you want, if you have what I want.
  • People told me, intelligence is bliss. But the phrase “Ignorance is bliss” is really famous. I was confused. So I ignored intelligence!
  • Don’t raise your hands and open your mouth when you stink!
  • What’s up? Not much?! I thought you had a few grey cells up there!
  • I never talk to stones.
  • I will try my best to get up early. Let’s see if my sub-conscious co-operates!
  • He was rich. He had a bumper harvest every year. His lands were massive, full of weeds!
To be continued...sooner or later!