Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love, is hatred…

Without you, everything is nothing,
Earth has no green, nature has no zing,
Rivers come to a standstill and the sea doesn’t sing.
The day is night and the night so long…
Seconds are decades, days forlorn.
Trees are just wood, leaves brown.
The flowers have no fragrance, petals easily crumble.
Birds don’t chirp, animals aren’t loyal,
Children don’t play, humans aren’t humble.

Without you, the wind is vacuum and the air solid.
The sky is out of reach and clouds aren’t personified;
Every drop of rain is acidic;
Every lightening strikes like a stick.
There’s no anticipation when the bells ring,
Be it temple’s, phone’s or door’s.
There’s no help from ounces of beer,
Friends don’t seem to cheer,
There's nothing to be liked on Facebook,
No one else is a better hook.

Without you, music has no melody,
A blockbuster is only a documentary.
Sweets are so sour; there's no tang in the pani puri!
The brain is rudimentary,
Science is illogical, art eerie.
There’s no reasoning, no reverie.
Poetry is mathematics, mathematics poetry.

Without you, jewels are merely stones,
House is not a home.
Medicine seems to be killing, and the poison healing.
God is elusive and the devil all-pervading.
Water smokes and oxygen chokes,
Food makes me skinny, the heart skips a beat.
Lungs just seem to expire; there's no ground under my feet.
Blood boils, veins erupt and the arteries slowly leak.

Without you, beacon misguides, teacher teaches crime,
Brother has no charm, father has no arm,
Mother’s touch is no longer warm.
Without you, I am tattered, buried, bruised and jolted,
I am trapped, caught, caged and agitated.

Without you, I am just not me,
Anonymous, aloof, exposed yet hazy
I am venal, filthy, fictional and ghostly.
No religion is sacred, Humanity is betrayed.
Without you, Love, is hatred…

P.S.: This work is purely fictional.

- Dr. Priteesh S. Chotai
(21st January 2011)