Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Bacilli in Disguise

This is a story of a young person, which brings to light few concepts related to the famous system of medicine- Homeopathy. This is a science which involves treating patients based on the law ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ which means ‘like cures like’. Thus the medicine capable of producing symptoms in healthy individuals will cure the same symptoms in diseased individuals!

Please refer the P.S. for better understanding of the story, as some words may seem irrelevantly placed, unless their meaning in relation to Homeopathy is correlated.

A case of phthisis, was in the deepest of crisis.
In search of an antidote, where the disease was in vogue,
He flew, walked, talked and slept too!
How beautiful was her style, smile and sight!
It felt heaven, when she kissed him goodnight.
He was erotic, but the disease was endemic.

The new T.B. bacilli, all geared up to explore his alveoli,

Had no mercy, felt no sympathy.
But the ATTENUATED air, only freed him from his despair!

Now, the Intelligent Intelligence,

Be it natural or artificial,
Would question what was beneficial...
Was it natural cure by ATTENUATION?
Or was it natural coincidence by SUSPENSION?

The cause remained unknown, the story untold.

Too late for the mystery to unfold.
The young lad reached the crematory,
Before he could reach the laboratory!

Everything goes on fine,

With a loaf of bread, some butter
And a glass full of wine.
But the curiosity drives us restless.
Till eternity we will be helpless.

He was erotic, but the disease endemic!

Was it Homeopathy that ALMOST spared him from phthisis?
Or was it the S.T.D. which drove him into crisis?

- Phthisis=Tuberculosis.

- The word ‘attenuated’ here means diluted. The homeopathic prescriptions often involve medicines which are administered in diluted forms. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person was administered homeopathic medicine. I frequently encountered the question “Did the lady give him some medicine?” The ‘attenuated air’ which he breathed in, served that purpose here, as the air contained the T.B. bacilli in the ‘diluted’ form, contributed by many people who were T.B. stricken in that area.

- ‘Suspension’ word was used by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, and some others during that period (about 160 yrs ago), by which he meant that a pre-existing weaker disease would be suspended in a person when he is affected by a stronger disease later, which in this case was the S.T.D.