Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Fillers: Random one liners, T-shirt quotes, ice breakers, etc.

These are not main course items. These are fillers. Just like morning breakfast or the evening supper. A light meal for the mind. Like the vital warm-up before a intense exercise. Just like foreplay before your most memorable night! There’s nothing serious about them. They are just like that! Each one is unique. Not related in any way to the previous one or the one succeeding.
Please do not copy if you like them...
  • A girl with a good body but an unattractive face is like music with heavy percussion but no melody.
  • I am feeling drowsy, but I don’t want to sleep. Give me some shots of cocaine, talk to me!
  • I have many soft corners for you, you can touch a few!
  • I was never so keen to learn surface anatomy as much as I am now. Thanks to you.
  • You are looking so fine, that I am feeling underdressed.
  • What could be the distance between Earth and the Moon? So you don’t know! Cool! What else do we have in common?
  • Smoking smothers, Beer stinks, Drugs stick, Safe Sex rules!
  • I am God cursed, Devil blessed!
  • Once upon a time, I was lazy, and the times never changed. I suffer from Motivational Deficiency!
  • I have what you want, if you have what I want.
  • People told me, intelligence is bliss. But the phrase “Ignorance is bliss” is really famous. I was confused. So I ignored intelligence!
  • Don’t raise your hands and open your mouth when you stink!
  • What’s up? Not much?! I thought you had a few grey cells up there!
  • I never talk to stones.
  • I will try my best to get up early. Let’s see if my sub-conscious co-operates!
  • He was rich. He had a bumper harvest every year. His lands were massive, full of weeds!
To be continued...sooner or later!