Saturday, December 8, 2012

This Side of Paradise 2

Stuck, need a push, not a blow.
Not a warm touch, but a strong push.
Doesn’t matter if I fall.
At least I will rise again and advance.
All I need is a strong push.
Don’t mind losing a limb, or two.
Vanish it, don’t just melt the glue.
You have the power, you have the push.
I am nowhere, take me somewhere.
Doesn’t matter if you walk with me for a second or two.
But a strong push is all I need.

Shake me up, stir me up, wake me up.
Light the fire in me.
Clean the dirt on me.
Doesn’t matter if it exhausts me.
But will never forget your push.
It will leave not a scar on my body, but on my mind, till I become earth.

I was deaf to you. You were too quiet, inaudible.
Now I am dying for your whisper.
Just give me a push, say I am with you.
Give me that deafening sound, your murmur.
Make me deaf to the negative commentary around.
Unearth me, give me feet. Distract me from what I dislike.
Take me to a new world. Give me a new beginning, restart me. 

Push me, away from what is bad for me, from what makes me jammed.
Divert me from what takes away my energy.
Take away my sight. Just give me a focus.
I am just a lake.
Decaying, perishing, unsafe, impure.
Push me, churn me, turn me into a river.
Show me the way, and I will make it to the sea. 

Undress me, burn my wounds and melt my scars.
Give me a baby’s skin. Let me think like a child.
Break the cage for me, happy feet is all I need, if not wings.

Resuscitate my mind; blind me to the false faiths.
To deceiving attires and muddy souls,
To plastic gadgets and rehearsed stale art.
There’s too much sand here, let us find a strong ground.
Where we can at least walk together, if not sprint.

P. S.: This work is purely fictional (This Side of Paradise).

(16th July 2011)