Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Prettiest Cry

One sunny day...

When I was finally free,

The day everyone smiled at me.

When a lot of hands fondled me,

And many blessings were showered on me.

One sunny day...

When I had enough to drink,

With no worries on my mind to think,

When I felt most energetic,

Almost Super-human, Super-athletic.

One sunny day…

When everything was so fine,

Yet I could not help crying.

God had created His prettiest form,

On that day I was finally born…


alexoholic said...

one sunny day...
life took form, from her,
she pushed with all her power,
the fruit, from her flower,
and many blessings she did shower.

one sunny day...
as fruits began to ripen,
old bones began to soften,
breaths were drawn more often,
she was walking to her coffin.

one sunny day...
when everything was fine,
they couldn't help crying,
for the giver of the given,
met with her conclusion!

Priteesh C said...

Thank You Rivka!
Thats really touching! Same skeleton but a brand new musculature. Lot of grey matter involved there too! :)
Thats a perfect gift!
Heres something I feel like sharing. Some lines from a great song by Bryan Adams:

There ain't no crystal ball,
There ain't no Santa Claus,
There ain't no fairy tales,
There ain't no streets of gold,
There ain't no chosen few,
There's just me and you
And that's all we got...
That's all we got to hold on to!