Saturday, February 11, 2017

Intex Fitrist Fitness band review

I recently got this fitness band from Intex to verify the tall claims made by them.
Here is a short review.

This band works on bluetooth and needs to be set up with personal data like height, weight, step stride, etc. on the Fitrist app, available on Google Play and Apple store.

Steps: Does give a fair idea about the number of steps and calories burned throughout the day, provided you feed in the personal data accurately.

Sleep monitoring: I was especially skeptical about the reliability of this data. To my surprise, the quality of sleep is measured more or less accurately, with an estimate of number of hours of deep sleep. 

Other features: Music and camera control do work well, but might not be used frequently. You also get SMS, Whatsapp and call alerts when connected to phone via bluetooth. There is also a find-your-phone feature which again, works only when your phone is within the range. Lost phone feature activates the vibration on the band when the phone loses connection with the band. This might be irritating at times when there are frequent disconnections.
Battery life: 2-3 days, which was disappointing as they claim it to be 10 days on 2 hours of charging.

Overall, quite satisfied with the product. Do recommend this for individuals who have difficult time sleeping and want to monitor the progress in quality of sleep and/or want to set and meet specific fitness goals. The higher version also supports heart rate monitoring and hydration.

Rating: 3/5. 
I hope this review will help you decide whether to go for this fitness band or not. Do post your questions/comments/experience regarding this band and/or other fitness bands. Have a great time at the workout sessions and at bed! :)